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Pillars of Virtual Learning? What's that?

This is a topic that we will be exploring this season on the Tech Study Hall podcast, but essentially I am identifying what I consider to be pillars for good teaching & learning in a digital workspace. As we dive into each pillar throughout the season, I think you will find them applicable to different types of learning landscapes. What we will dive into more closely will be how these pillars can create a meaningful learning experience for those students learning virtually.

Why do I use the term virtual? I like it for a couple of different reasons. First, if we continue to identify for our students that we learn one way in person and another way online, it begins to create barriers for our students that a particular topic can only be learned in one way or another. Putting up roadblocks for our students only complicates the learning process that can already complicated for our learners. Next, I like the term virtual because it promotes the idea that we can learn "virtually" anywhere, in any space, in any given situation. That is, when the planning for learning in this modality is done purposefully and respectful of the learning we wish to promote.

So, while this list is still very much in development, I look forward to discerning with you what I consider to be the first 4 pillars of learning in a virtual space:

  1. Establishing a Learning Community

  2. Relevant Task Creation

  3. Platform Familiarity

  4. Making the Time!

See, I told you that you could find them useful in all learning spaces! You can hear more about them in the latest episode of Tech Study Hall. We have re-launched the podcast with Season 3 and we will explore each of these pillars all season. You can find the episode under the podcast link in this website, any major podcasting platform or using this link:

If you have some ideas you'd like to share, feel free to reach out at

All the best,


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